No sleepy soft rock and we NEVER stop the music for more than 3 minutes! Gift cards. These fees are detailed in the Media Bureau Fee Filing Guide. View Certificate. Application Filing Fees. $10 Certificate American Legion Post 15 Detroit Lakes, MN. 3/3/2020, FCC Announces Winning Bidders of 3.7 GHz Service Auction, FCC Announces Winning Bidders in C-Band Auction, Auction 107 Assignment Phase Information and Schedule. Leighton Enterprises Inc. | Site Map | Privacy Policy, Rising Through the Ranks 2022 - Enjoy the Journey, What Business Are We In Anyway? The station serves Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and is owned by Leighton Broadcasting. Key points that buyers and sellers want to know about Radio. Costs can vary enormously depending on how the station is constructed. Warming Trends 1-ton pallet of Stagg's or Indeck Harwood Fuel Pellets. The NAB Leadership Foundation works with current and aspiring leaders in broadcasting to build a more diverse, innovative and vibrant future for the industry by investing in our greatest resource: our people. Read recent examples of stations' service. Online Radio Box uses cookies in order to provide the best service for our users. KNOX News Radio. Low power FM (LPFM stations operate with 1 to 100 watts of power and cover a radius up to approximately 5.6 km (3.5 miles). Depending on the selected settings, some functions may become unavailable! See our on-location reports. 99.9 Lite FM targets its music, promotions, and conversations to adults 2554 years of age. Diversity Speaks:Managing the Multigenerational Workforce Retail Value: $20.00 Your Price: $10.00 In Stock. When legislative issues arise that could impact your station and career, we'll reach out and give you simple steps to contact your legislators. Live Webinar. Weve got the center of Minnesota covered! PILOT is a coalition of innovators, educators and advocates dedicated to advancing broadcast technologies and cultivating new media opportunities. ET Noncommercial educational FM translators may be authorized on any frequency, while FM translators rebroadcasting commercial stations must stay on frequencies from 92.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz (Channels 221 to 300). Error message here! See also the Memorandum Opinion and Order, MM Docket 95-31, FCC 01-64 (2001) [PDF|Word], and see also Sections 73.7000 through 73.7005 of the FCC's rules. Today's hottest hits straight out of Nashville mixed with concerts, giveaways, and promotions. Leighton Broadcasting Blog | Marketing Rising Through the Ranks 2022 - Enjoy the Journey posted by Stephanie Theisen on Thu, Aug 25, 2022 Leadership Culture Marketing Bookends are a symbol of the beginning and the end of something. Start exploring our markets: 2023 Leighton Enterprises Inc. Forms to Use, Application Filing Fee. KDLM (1340 AM) is a radio station airing a News/Talk format. This area has a cash bar and portapotties in this area just for these Super Star guests. FM translator stations rebroadcast existing AM and FM stations to small areas. June 6, 2022 Install the free Online Radio Box application for your smartphone and listen to your favorite radio stations online - wherever you are! Retail Value: $50.00 Your Price: $35.00 In Stock. Please be aware that unlicensed operation of radio broadcast stations is prohibited, even at low powers such as 1 watt or less. It's all local, and it's all updated weekly! PUBLIC NOTICE (DA 21-380)WTB Announces Applications Accepted for Filing, 2/24/2021 Auctions. Leighton Broadcasting 1340 Richwood Rd Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 Phone: (218) 847-5624 Get Directions Wave 104.1 KBOT Listen Live Wave 104.1 provides The Lakes Best Music and reports on national and entertainment news. Privacy Policy. While the industries changed over the years, those core values have not. Bookends are a symbol of the beginning and the end of something. The Audio Division has also assembled a program to help find potentially available FM channels for LPFM stations. Alternatively, you can select which cookies or technologies you want to allow in "Settings". Public Folder | Additional information about FM translators is available on the FM Translators and Boosters pages, and on the Broadcast Radio Links page. This Memorandum Opinion and Order denies the Application for Review filed by ACA Connects on August 13, 2020, of the Public Notice by WTB Setting Lump-Sum Payment Amounts for the 3.7 GHz Transition, 11/18/2020 Applicants for noncommercial educational stations pay no application filing fee. Cloud Radio Leighton Enterprises Inc. | Site Map | Privacy Policy, Bookends are a symbol of the beginning and the end of something. Immerse yourself in an amplified NAB experience like you've never seen. That phrase is our guide and keeps us focused on providing turn-key marketing and sales solutions that help free up your time and drive meaningful results. Phone: (218) 847-5624. Your Price: $96.00. Radio is the number 1 reach medium. The reason those sites are able to operate is because they rely on a specified number of users to claim the coupon before theyll unlock it for use. We believe that marketing is a direct revenue-generating force, and are focused on helping our clients find their focus. Here in St. These stations are allocated on a non-interference basis. With a radio auction, your business gets 100% of the value in advertising. Applications must also consider the second harmonic frequency and intermediate frequency relationships per 47 CFR Section 73.182(s) (for example 2 x 800 kHz = 1600 kHz for the second harmonic relationship; or 800 kHz + 455 kHz I.F. 4.2 star. Radio stations are in a unique position amidst media companies because they have an intangible commodity for sale: air time. The FCC kicked off its latest 5G spectrum auction, making available 280 megahertz of prime mid-band spectrum in the 3.7-3.98 GHz banda portion of the C-band, 11/19/2020 With an increasing number of TV channels and programs, it can be hard for parents to monitor what their children are watching. Grand Forks uses Forks Deals, and our other markets use a similar setup for their respective auction sites. Translator stations are prohibited from transmitting any programming not also transmitted on the originating or primary station at the same time. 401 were here. They must also give to the public an opportunity to file comments on these applications with the Commission. The FCC does not keep a list of stations potentially for sale, nor does it participate in negotiations of any sales contract. In general, these complex engineering analyses require specialized knowledge and software, and are best performed by broadcast engineering consultants. Broadcasters' public service efforts remain unparalleled. Leighton Broadcasting. Rules. PUBLIC NOTICE (DA 21-207)FCC Announces Winning Bidders of 3.7 GHz Service Auction, 2/24/2021 Applicants must also protect pending applications that were filed before the announcement of the application filing window. Where conflicts occur between mutually exclusive commercial applicants (i.e., where interference would be created between applicants if all applications were granted), the conflict will be resolved by means of an auction. The applicant must pay the rulemaking fee as well as the application filing fee listed in the. Class A television stations were a special class of stations created as a one-time act as result of the adoption of the Community Broadcasters Act of 1999. See the latest Advertisier Sizzle Video from RAB. Our employees are critical to the success of our business. 4/6/2022, Auction 107 Applications Granted Contact Us | PUBLIC NOTICE (DA 21-80)Auction 107 Assignment Phase Information and Schedule, 1/15/2021 Site Map | Noncommercial applicants are not required to submit the application filing fee. Leighton Broadcasting. Applications received at other times will be returned without consideration. People after those kinds of discounts are not who you want as your customers. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(512632, 'f16234d3-3193-4587-a959-534010048a98', {"useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"}); Our auction sites credit the advertiser at full retail cost of their products or services. Theyre called different things by each radio station. The sky is the limit on what a listener could purchase. So if your radio marketing strategy needs to reach families in Detroit Lakes, college students at Winona State University, or any audience in between we can help. Rules. My NAB is a platform designed to create a more personalized and enhanced experience for our members to interact with NAB, access members-only content and easily register for programs and awards. Commercial applicants must include the new station application filing fee listed in the Media Bureau Fee Filing Guide as well as FCC Form 159 with the fee payment and application. The Commission requires electronic filing of all its applications and has eliminated paper forms. The KNSI Morning Show is fast-paced news, sports and information weekdays from 5a-9a with local morning show personality Bob Hughes. We haven't seen you here before. 202 429 5300 |, 2023 National Association of Broadcasters, Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), NAB Statement on FCC's Hearing Designation Order, Radio and Television Broadcasters Convene for 2023 NAB State Leadership Conference, State Broadcast Associations Adopt Resolution Urging Support for Local Radio Freedom Act, NAB Show to Explore Next Generation of Content Delivery Systems, NEXTGEN TV Deploys in Markets Across the Country, Increasing Diversity in Media Ownership Benefits Broadcasters and Communities, New Fees Would Devastate Radios Local Service. Leighton Broadcasting 619 West St Germain St. Additional information about FM commercial stations and applications is available at the Broadcast Radio Links page. Preferred radio stations and music genres, user's Favorites, stations reviews and many other services need your personal data processing. Don't miss out on drink specials, games and weekly grand prizes! Save peace in the world. FCC Form 315 (Application for Consent to Transfer of Control of Corporation Holding Broadcast Station Construction Permit or License) must be submitted when a controlling block of shares of a broadcasting company is transferred to a new entity or an individual. Starting at 9 am Saturday January 30th, you can shop discounted merchandise, services or certificates or you can call. As broadcasters' voice in our nation's capital, NAB fights for policies that preserve and strengthen free, local broadcasting. My NAB See rule section 47 CFR Section 73.3580. The presence of a "paper" or PDF form does not override the requirement for electronic filing. The point system is described in the Report and Order in MM Docket 95-31, FCC 00-120 (2000) [PDF|Word]. 619 West St Germain, Noncommercial educational FM stations may also be authorized in this band but these applications must meet the spacing, 70 dBu city coverage and other technical criteria applicable to commercial stations. Cloud, Minnesota: KCLD-FM: 104.7 FM Top 40 (CHR) 104.7 KCLD Wild Country 99 is Central Minnesotas choice for country! Stand with Ukraine. Leighton Broadcasting is an interactive design and marketing company that own a radio stations as well. Retail Value: $10.00 Local broadcasters keep you connected and informed. This means you dont have to discount anything, saving your brands image from being drug through the mud by ravenous bargain hunters. My parents started Leighton Broadcasting 60 years ago with the goal of serving, connecting and celebrating our communities. Country, Top 40, rock, easy-listening, news and sports - our stations offer something for listeners of all ages and walks of life. E-mail Highlights from the 2022 NAB Show, Hindsight is 2020: My Top Three Takeaways of a Challenging Year, Kelli Frieler to Speak at Minnesota Broadcasters Association Annual Meeting. Once the application is approved, the buyer must submit a letter of consummation within 90 days of the grant. The petition must (1) include the proposed new channel, class, and the community to be served; (2) the proposed new allotment site must meet the spacing requirements of 47 CFR Section 73.207 of the Commission's rules to other stations, prior-filed applications, and vacant allotments, and (3) the proposed new allotment site must provide at least a 70 dBu signal strength over the entire community of license. Once auction filing window dates are announced for allotments that were previously created, instructions for filing applications will be released on a Public Notice and posted on the Audio Division's website. March 7, 2023 | 2-2:30 p.m. St. Explorers Package 3 day, 2 night stay in a one bedroom cabin with a full day side x side rental. Your Minnesota Radio Marketing Partner All markets feature AM & FM stations and have remained a constant, innovative force in the radio marketing industry. Username PUBLIC NOTICE (DA 21-839)WTB Grants Auction 107 Licenses, 7/23/2021 Wild Country 99 appeals to a wide range of listeners and has a majority of listeners in the 2554 year old age group.
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